Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Whisper Sweet Nothings

Okay bloggers, this is the forth posting in my week of silly posts. This one is a discussion post, so I hope you all join in with your opinions. From the title of this post you can guess where I am going with this. Today, I am talking audiobooks. You know those books that are sweetly whispered into your ears? Yep. Those!

I’ve been seeing a lot of posts and comments about audiobooks lately. Some people are for them, and surprisingly, a lot of people are against them. I’m using this post to share where Dog-Eared & Bookmarked stands with audio-form-books.

Like e-books, audiobooks are not my preferred form of reading. Nothing can take away holding an actual book in my hands. Nothing will ever replace the original. With that said, I do have to show my support of audiobooks. I love them.

My very first audiobook was the Twilight Saga. I was given an offer I just couldn’t refuse. Someone was willing to sell me the entire Saga for just $5!! I couldn’t walk away from that deal. After uploading the cd’s into my iTunes I started listening.


To say I wasn’t a fan, at first, is putting it lightly. I hated, absolutely hated it at first. The girl did not sound like how I pictured Bella. I turned it off. Regretted my $5 purchase. Pouted. Then finally gave it another shot. After listening for a few minutes, I became quite absorbed in the story and began to enjoy it.

Audiobooks are convenient ways to get a book read. A lot of the times I listen to the books while I’m cleaning, getting ready each day, long traffic hours, lazy days, and before bed. I like having a story read to me while I fall asleep. Remember those days as kids? Why not have those same memories as adults?

Overall, audiobooks are highly recommended by me. If you haven’t listened to one, give it a try. If you have listened, and hated it, try again. You never know, maybe you’ll end up liking it (like me). If you already like them, well… just keep on listening!


o        What is YOUR stance on audiobooks?
o        Do you like them?
o        Why or why not?

Answer below in the comments.



  1. I have concentration problems with audiobooks. Maybe it's just because my children or animals always interrupt. 

    I usually like to re-read books with audiobooks. And generally it's either in the car with no children or when I'm working out with no children, haha.

    Yes, I do like audiobooks!

  2. I love them for in the car. They are much more entertaining than a radio station full of ads or repeating songs.

  3. Believe it or not, I have never listened to an audio book. I know, am an alien:)

  4. I'm definitely a fan. 107 of the 236 books I read last year were audiobooks. I always have two going - one for the car and one for walking my dogs, gardening, and mindless chores. I rarely reread with audio though, partly for the reason that you state, I already have a voice in my head. But just like you, I eventually adjust. Also, if I hear that a book that I read already has an especially good audio, I will take a listen. I'm going to reread Okay for Now by Gary D. Schmidt, one of my favorite books of 2011, with my ears this summer. I've heard it was excellent.

    I've also been reading some non-fiction with my ears, but I have to have the book close by so I can check out the photos and such.I will often try a book that I can't get into on audio before I abandon it. I will do this especially if the book has gotten lots of buzz and I don't see it. I read a lot of fantasy with my ears. I assume that the narrators are correctly pronouncing all those made up names that I usually just skip over. Although, I recently listened to a fourth book in a series in which the producers decided to change narrators and the new narrator pronounced most of the names completely differently than the other and it drove me berserk! 

    Great question! Happy listening!



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